Welcome to The Realm Companion. A site designed for those who are in search of any and all types of information on the game, The Realm. Here you will find the standard information on weapons, armor, maps...etc. But also you will find some unique items not found on many other sites. Over the years I've been collecting real life items of The Realm. Some of the gems that you will see on this website can be found under the 'History' tab. You will see original CD's and the artwork that came with them, as well as the fabled "the Realm Official Players Guide". As this site is still under construction, not all items have been entered in. Please check back periodically to see if there is anything new, listed in the 'Whats New' tab.

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As this site is still early on in it's development, only certain areas are working. The following are the pieces of the site that are up and viewable:

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3.5/4x Concept Screenshots
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CD History

Formulas of the Realm
Historical Weapons
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Magical Weapons
Magical Armor
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Sierra's Official Players Guide
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