This page is a collection of fan based formulas. Some of the formulas have been pulled from other sites. As of their true origins, I'm unsure of. Credit has been given to the sites in which I've seen these on.


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"Melee Damage Modifier (MDM)
For all weapons except throwing daggers, MDM is based entirely on strength. MDM for throwing daggers is based entirely on dexterity.

Unarmed combat MDM is based exclusively on strength.

The formulas currently in place for strength based weapons are:

When strength is 10 or higher:

MDM% = [(strength - 10) * 13]

When strength is less than 10:

MDM% = [(strength - 10) * 5]

The formulas for throwing weapons are:

When dexterity is 10 or greater:

MDM% = [(dexterity - 10) * 13]

When dexterity is less than 10:

MDM% = [(dexterity - 10) * 5]

As you can see from the formulas, MDM can be negative if toon strength (dexterity for throwers) is less than 10, but since the multiplier is only 5 in this case the MDM is much less negative than it would be if the multiplier was 13.

The current maximum MDM is 416% (at 42 strength or dexterity)"